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The strain on the equipment on board offshore and maritime vessels is extreme and marked by continuous quakes, vibrations and contact with salt water. The work that takes place on these vessels is demanding, and the focus on the safety of the crew is high. During advanced operations at nighttime, optimal lighting you can rely on should be a matter of course. This is not necessarily the case today.

Luminell AS has done something about this and has developed the RLX-series. Among well known and established operators, we are of the very first to offer powerful LED floodlights that are designed to increase safety and handle the strains of extreme environments. The fixtures have a lifetime up to 100.000 hours, simulate daylight that increases contrasts and bright colors and reduce power consumption up to 80%. Nothing is compromised and the developments of the product have taken place in close cooperation with shipping companies, ship designers and ship yards.

“The RLX-series is excellent. Fantastic, fantastic – absolutely fantastic! The guys on deck feel more alert and awake, and they find the light very comfortable to work in”, says Ove Kåre Remøy, Captain on the vessel Havila Mercury where RLX fixtures have been mounted on board.

The passionate founders behind Luminell AS are David Fink (from Herning, Denmark) and Petter Veiberg (from Ålesund, Norway) who have competences within product development, LED technology, innovation management and entrepreneurship.



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Luminell AS
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