THORN & Zumtobel (ZG Lighting Norway AS)

THORN Lighting – The brand for professional lighting solutions

  • High-quality and reliable lighting solutions
    for people, places and the environment
  • The focus is on light quality and performance, as well as easy specification, installation and maintenance
  • Comprehensive portfolio of indoor and outdoor lighting solutions for a maximum range of applications (including office, education, industry, urban life, transportation routes, roads/tunnels, sports facilities)
  • Thorn is complemented by THORNeco brand, which specialises in electrical wholesalers: efficient, modern LED luminaires for like-for-like replacement of traditional light sources as well as new installations
  • Target groups: electricians and electrical planners, end users, electrical wholesalers, general contractors, communities and architects


ZUMTOBEL – The premium brand  for the best lighting quality

  • Integrated customised lighting solutions incl. lighting management
    with a focus on project business
  • Extensive application expertise, innovative technologies
    and perfected design
  • Comprehensive portfolio for all applications in buildings
  • International network of leading architects,
    light planners and artists
  • Target groups: architects, light and electrical planners, electricians,
    key accounts, private and public investors


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THORN & Zumtobel (ZG Lighting Norway AS)
Rådhusgata 9
0151 OSLO

T: 22 54 72 00

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